welcome to mountain view

It's a privilege to invite you to try Mountain View!  

Our style of worship is a contemporary blend of all genres. We believe that church shouldn't be boring or irrelevant. At Mountain View, we are seeking to be disciples of Jesus by thoughtfully living out His kind of love. This is a place where questions are encouraged, honest reflection is welcomed, creativity is cultivated, and where faith is not a moral code, but a life lived. From Children's and Youth ministry to our active Mission initiatives, we are all about being engaged locally and around the world. If you're looking for a community that is seeking to make a difference there's a place for you here! 

Our Mission

We celebrate God by being a Christ-centered church, reaching out to embrace the families of our community, helping them to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.

Sunday Schedule:

Sunday School classes for Adults & Children is at 9am. 

We gather and worship together at 10am.

Join us for coffee, treats, and fellowship before and after Worship.