Worship Ministry

We love to worship the Lord through any medium and support the creativity of our members. Please read below for the different ways you can join our worship team!

  • Celebration Singers

    The Celebration Singers is a dedicated group of musicians whose ‘soul’ purpose is to bring glory to God. They accomplish this goal by not only preparing choral music for Sunday mornings, holiday concerts, and special services but also performing in public venues! 

  • Worship Team

    We are a team seeking to worship God with our whole heart and desiring to lead the people of Mountain View to do the same. Responsible for leading us in worship each Sunday morning, this team of musicians pours its heart into every chance they have to musically glorify God! Our musical styles include the contemporary and traditional songs/hymns as well as original compositions and arrangements. Our desire is to grow musically and spiritually, and to expand and develop new musicians and worshipers.  

    "Invent your own new song to him; give him a trumpet fanfare." Psalm 33:3

  • Joy Express

    Mountain View's Children's Choir

  • Youth Worship Band

    A recent addition to the Mountain View youth and worship ministry is a youth worship band. We believe that the youth are not the church of the future but the church today! The band rehearses to lead worship throughout the year.

  • Audio/Visual Technician Team

    We have an amazing group of people who serve faithfully as sound technicians. We also have faithful people who help with the visual arts of Mountain View. We are always looking to expand our audio and visual ministry and grow in our artistic ability and expression to better lead people in worship and discipleship.