Pray with us

Below is a space where you can submit any prayer concerns or praises that you'd like to share with our Mountain View Community. If you'd prefer, you're still welcome to email prayers to

Our prayers

Join us in prayer that God will cover these requests with his grace and power.


Please pray for Bruce Troutman (our son-in-law's father) suffered a major heart attack last evening while in San Diego greeting their youngest son returning from deployment overseas. Please pray for all family members.


Our 20 year old granddaughter was found in a ditch having ODd. In icu unconscious with a breathing tube. This is day 3. Last we heard no change. Pray for her to fight to live and change her life. Also for our daughter and her family for peace and strength.


Continued prayers for My mom, unable to do biopsy to get confirmation, mass to big and entangled with blood vessels/nerves. So without a pathological diagnosis, we can’t get her home and into hospice. Probably a skilled nursing home... with no visitors due to Covid.😢 Thank you Sally and Mark


Prayers for my mom, Laurel Carter, in hospital in Rancho Mirage, Ca. Fell and broke her ankle, during ER workup, found a large mass on her pancreas and multiple others masses throughout her abdomen. They are pretty sure it’s stage 4 cancer, we are awaiting confirmation after more tests. Her overall health is not good, both mentally and physically. Pray for guidance, peace with decisions that are going to be made. Thank you... Sally and Mark


We rejoice in the safe birth of Caleb Joseph Phillips in France, and the family's smooth move 400 miles to the city of Lyon one week later, for continued ministry with BLF. Please pray for our missionaries Nathan, Annie, Ben and Caleb as they settle in and find a church, school and therapists for Ben, and friends for all.